Management Systems


Current Situation

You do not have a quality and/or EHS management system but would like to introduce one, whether or not you are aiming for certification. (ISO 9001, 14001 or OHSAS 18001)

You have elements of a management system, but they are not self-consistent and have not been implemented throughout the enterprise.

You would like to know what steps to take in order to introduce a management system and need to have a clear understanding of the time and resources required.

Target Situation

You have a clear understanding of the measures you need to take, the time and resources required to implement a management system.

You know your strengths and weaknesses in this field.

You have a detailed action plan to enable you to improve your system and/or bring it into compliance with the standard.

Proposed intervention

Each type of intervention can be broken down into modules and will be discussed with you as principal before it is implemented. It will include: documentary analysis, interviews, on-the-ground assessment of the way in which the elements of the system are being implemented.

Following this analysis, support for implementation of the system and/or specific measures, such as H&S and environmental risk assessments, may be decided on.


Detailed documented report, action plans to match your priorities.