Safety at work - directive MSST


Target Situation

You have a clear understanding of the steps that need to be taken to put the MSST Directive into effect. You know your strengths and weaknesses in this field. You can demonstrate to the authorities, your employees and customers, that you are able to operate safely and that you comply with current legislation and your in-house procedures.

Current Situation

You have not implemented the Directive CFST 6508 (MSST) and cannot provide evidence for the introduction of an H&S management system.

You have introduced certain aspects of the MSST but are not sure if these are exhaustive, particularly as regards the relevant legislation and related directives. These elements are not included in an organizational system.

You would like to check the application of your in-house procedures as they relate to the MSST and/or would like to have your particular solution validated by a certified health and safety expert.

Proposed intervention

Each type of intervention can be broken down into modules and will be discussed with you as principal before it is implemented. It will include: documentary analysis, interviews, on-the-ground assessment of the iplementation of the management system.

Following this analysis, support for implementation of the system and/or specific measures, such as H&S and environmental risk assessments, may be decided on.


Detailed documented report, action plans to match your priorities. Support and monitoring during implementation.